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Gary Leimkuhler





  Born in Baltimore, Maryland to a decorated World War II veteran and the girl who waited for him, I was raised in an almost rural suburban town. One of six children, in a family of scientists and mathematicians, all following in my engineer father’s footsteps, I found my own way in the world of art, music, and performance.

  Showing little interest in academics, my happiest times in high school were when we were rehearsing the plays and musicals. It was then that I felt engaged and alive. While working toward my bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts, I spent my summers immersed in repertory seasons.

Gary - Silly Tugboat.jpg
Sunset Over Manhattan

  When the time came I left Baltimore to pursue my dreams of a career in New York. I think it was the city itself that shaped me more than anything else. The struggles, the disappointments, and the subsequent victories all contributed to my becoming the person I am today.

  Along the way, I have had the good fortune to be cast in national tours, regional and New York theatre, including an off-Broadway play and lately film and television. I am really enjoying working on-camera and continuing to refine my technique. It seems that I am now the proper age for roles that are really right for me and I am enjoying enthusiastic responses.



601 W 41st Street, Apt. 10L

New York, NY 10036


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